Fertility Counseling- Our diet determines the way our hormones work. In turn, our hormones directly effect our fertility, whether it is the quality of the woman’s eggs or amount and motility of sperm. Using nutrients to help with fertility is a gentle alternative that has been extremely effective in enhancing conception without any harsh side effects.

Prenatal Nutrition- Nearly everything you eat as a pregnant mother crosses your placenta and effects the baby. We can give children a head start in being their healthiest selves through feeding them only the best nutrients and ensuring they receive optimal nutrients for gut and brain health.

Lactation and Pediatric Nutrition Support- Breastfeeding isn’t easy. I’m here to support with nutrition guidance in order to have higher quality and quantity milk, especially for women with autoimmune issues and PCOS. Support is also available for mothers of babies and children with food allergies and other conditions.

Diabetic and Weight Loss Support- Nutrition is the best way to relieve Type 2 Diabetic conditions. With guidance on ways to increase insulin sensitivity and macronutrient and micronutrient guides for maximum healthy weight loss, you can be your fittest, healthiest self.

Other Nutritional Guidance- Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer, Arthritis, High Cholesterol, and many other conditions can be helped if not completely relieved through optimal nutrient support. Please don’t hesitate to contact me regarding your health!

Restaurant/Group Food Allergy Education- Celiac Disease, nut allergies, milk protein allergies, and others cause people who suffer from these conditions serious problems when the threatening foods are introduced to their GI tract. In order to keep people from getting sick, employees in the food service industry need to be educated to understand how important it is to keep cross-contamination from happening.

Personal Training- 1 on 1 training sessions are available as well as fitness plans tailored to support you personal goals.

NEW! Online fitness and nutrition coaching- daily workouts you can do in your own home! See online coaching tab for more info.



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