About Me

“Knowledge is power. Action is powerful. It doesn’t do any good to empower yourself with knowledge if you’re not going to use that knowledge. Take action to improve yourself with the knowledge you have. Improve the lives of those around you. What good is knowledge if you don’t use it? Don’t sit on all those golden nuggets. Put them into action.” -Joseph Andrus

I’m Angela Montoya and I have 5 little munchkins who have taught me more in the past 8 years of bearing and rearing them than I had learned in the first 26 years of my life. I had a long journey to conception, miserable pregnancy with my first child, which turned into a miserable labor and c-section, and 3 months of completely unsuccessful breastfeeding when I finally gave up. I’m not the type to just give up and go into another pregnancy not having learned anything. At 20 weeks pregnant, I asked my doctor (in RI at the time) several questions pertaining to nutrition and what I can do to ensure my ability to breastfeed and vbac my second child. After my third visit with her, full of more questions, she said to me, “I have asked every dietician in the tri-state area (Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts) your questions, and none of them have any idea what you are talking about. If I were you, I would just go back to school for nutrition.” I was already thinking about it, but that added fuel to my fire, so much that I went home and enrolled in my Master’s program in Holistic Nutrition. I originally began my program in hopes to breastfeed without taking medication and help others to do so, as latch and supply are not always the issue, but learned so much more through the process that I completed my degree with a natural fertility program. My goal is to help women give their children the best, as every mother desires to do, as well as educate everyone to thrive through every phase in life. As a Celiac, a mother of 5, and a competitive athlete with children who have food allergies, God has certainly given me many tools to help others who seek support.