Welcome to Flora and Vine

Thank you for joining me! Flora and Vine Wellness was created with the intent to educate individuals on how to tune into their health and discover their own key to thriving in life rather than simply surviving. Where do we find this key? Our gut. Our gut is our second brain. The bacteria contained in it weighs a combined total of 3 lbs and effects our metabolism, protects us against disease and in turn changes our physiological functions. You may have heard how every time you eat, you are either feeding disease or fighting it. It is absolutely true. Our cells are replaced and regenerated from the food we eat every 35 days. This is why a fit person has a completely different bacterial makeup than an obese person. We have all the tools to change this through proper diet and exercise. Luke Shanahan, in his book “Deep Nutrition”, reveals my favorite explanation of epigenetic nutrition’s positive effect on children if locked and loaded during pregnancy. He states:

 Food can tame unruly genetic behavior far more reliably than biotechnology. By simply replenishing your body with the nourishment that facilitates optimal gene expression, it’s possible to eliminate genetic malfunction and, with it, pretty much all known disease. No matter what kind of genes you were born with, I know that eating right can help reprogram them, immunizing you against cancer, premature aging and dementia, enabling you to control your metabolism, your moods, your weight- and much, much more. And if you start planning early enough, and your genetic momentum is strong enough, you can give your children a shot at reaching for the stars.

By applying a more nutrient-dense diet including but not limited to a higher supply of Vitamins A, D, B6, Folate, and far less sugar and refined foods, women should not only be able to conceive more easily, but grow much healthier babies and children. Using nutrition instead of pharmaceuticals that have negative side effects, women can give children head starts in life and if they choose to, can give children great quality breastmilk for optimal gut and brain health.

“All disease begins in the gut.” -Hippocrates